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Miss. Natasha Myrick left here today with her brand new, new to her car. She purchased a 2009 Nissan Rouge from us today she came into our shop and was looking at a different car and spotted this Nissan Rouge and she wanted that car she told us she would put money down on the vehicle today and I then told her that the vehicle was not ready yet and she said I don’t mind that’s the car I want and I will be buying how much do I have to put down. I told her and she handed me the money. It took about a week to get her car ready and she called daily about it to make sure everything was going smoothly I updated her every day and today was the day all we had to do was to get the vehicle inspected and she was able to take the vehicle home. Miss. Myrick set in my office for about an hour waiting for the vehicle to be inspected and once we got the vehicle back I told her that the vehicle was hers and she just had to sign the paperwork and she would be able to leave. Miss. Myrick signed the papers and walked off with her new to her 2009 Nissan Rouge. Thank you so much for your support Miss. Myrick!


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