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The Shop Crew

Our shop crew is an extraordinary group. They work hard and sometimes play harder, but at the end of the day, they are our go-to crew for your everyday mechanical needs. We want our customers to get to know our crew just a little bit. 
So, we will start with the Shop Foreman, Jason Walters. He has been with the company coming up on two and a half years and is a great diesel and tractor mechanic. He is our go-to man if no one else can figure it out. Then we have James Moore "Jr", oh what can we say about this character...He is one of our technicians and is always happy to help you out with any issues you may have. We also would like to introduce our newest members Chris and Aaron. Chris is our newest techs but is not new to mechanic work!  Arron is our one-of-a-kind detailer if you need a detail this man here can detail your car like it's fresh out of the factory!  Finally, we would like to introduce, Naya our newest Service Writer/Office Assistant. May we also introduce and thank our shop volunteer Brian Walters.  So, if you know any of these guys or happen to meet them here at the shop, tell them “Hey!” and get to know them because they are a wonderful group and work hard to satisfy our customers.